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Book Signings and Speaking Engagements

If you are interested in bringing Erika to speak at your event, be part of a panel, or host a book signing please contact:

  • Book Signings: Erika has a powerful agenda with wonderful sponsors. She will not only bring her book for the signing, but also have meaningful take home items for attendees. A turnkey event for a book store, convention, or annual meeting.

  • Speaking Engagements: Erika is available for various types of speaking engagements: *Podcast Interviews * Corporate Speaking Engagements *Keynote Presentations *Expert Panels *Industry-Specific Summits

  • Topics:​

    • Pets Are Family: Including Pet Bereavement in Corporate Policies 

    • Actionable Ways Managers Can and Should Support Their Employees Processing Grief Over a Pet

    • Meet Your Employees Where They are: Why Empathy is Not “One Size Fits All” and How to Provide Support in a Meaningful Way

    • Reasons Leading With Empathy Might Support a More Engaged and Loyal Workforce

    • Moments That Matter in the Workplace: Recognizing the Impact of Professional Milestones on the Whole of our Lives 

    • Pet bereavement leave from both the employer's and clinicians' viewpoints.

      • In an unprecedented collaboration, a renowned psychologist and a distinguished psychiatrist have united with a singular vision—to advocate for the introduction of pet bereavement leave in the workplace. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to address and validate the profound grief experienced by pet owners following the loss of their beloved animal companions.

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