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  • How fast will I receive my book?
    Ordering on this site, your book will arrive in 3-5 days from date of order. Amazon book released March 21st on Kingston's birthday and will follow amazon shipping. Book is also available on publisher BookBaby and 40,000 other retailers like Walmart, Barnes and noble etc in paperback color, paperback black and white, ebook for apple and kindle.
  • Can I get materials professionally printed and shipped?
    Unfortunately, right now it is just me funding all activities so only electronic versions are available. My hope is one day to have book sales be able to fund printed materials. The rest of the book sales will go to veterinary cancer research.
  • I want to help, what can I do?
    Sharing this website and resources with your friends, family, place of work, veterinary clinics would be amazing. I would love for you to have a copy and for you to share it as well. Thank you with all my heart. I know we can make a difference.
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