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Dalmatian Dog

Veterinary Support

In carrying the profound responsibility of guiding families through their most tender moments, you stand as heroes in the journey of care for our beloved animals. These tools are crafted with the deepest respect and appreciation for your compassionate service, aiming to support you as you navigate these heartfelt duties with empathy and grace. -Erika
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Compassionate Training

Navigating the tough conversation of pet euthanasia over the phone requires a blend of heart and clarity. This guide walks your team through every step—from starting calls with warmth to discussing delicate details like pre-planning options and sensitive invoice delivery. With tips on active listening, empathetic responses, and avoiding technical jargon, it’s designed to make these conversations as supportive as possible. Plus, thoughtful touches like scheduling invoice delivery for gentler times show pet parents that their feelings are front and center. Let this resource help your staff offer the understanding and guidance pet owners need during these hard moments.

Veterinary Sign
Compassion Sign

This sign is for those quiet goodbyes.


It's a small way to help make these moments a little easier by encouraging a peaceful space.


Just download and display it to let everyone know it's a time for extra kindness and silence.

Example of front desk display.

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