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"It's tempting to believe employees don't want to be bothered by their boss in their time of grief and mourning...But in moments of deep loss, human beings need to feel supported and cared for the by the people closest to them."**
Resource for your company's HR department to include pet bereavement leave.
Changing the Paradigm



There is no federal law that requires employers to provide days of bereavement leave for their employees, but many states have laws that require employers to provide some amount of unpaid leave for employees who have lost a loved one.

The goal of this document is not to expand additional days to any organization's bereavement policy, but instead to educate and inspire them to include of Pets as part of their bereavement policy.

Download this form to support you proactively discussing with your Human Resource Department.

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How to Support Employees

"Greater society doesn’t recognize the intensity of this loss and the grieving that comes with it" said Jessica Kwerel,
a D.C. psychotherapist who specializes in pet loss.*


After a loss, many times we just want our loss to be acknowledged. We don’t want to be fixed; we want our feelings to be heard. It helps us work through our feelings when we can share how deeply we loved the pet we lost.

We struggle as society to know how to help and even more at work. This guide is meant to help organizations talk to their teams and managers on how to handle pet loss within the team.

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Getting the Conversation Started


We want you to be prepared to speak with your Human Resources Department and your organization’s executive team.


Included is a draft email template you can use to start the conversation with HR. Consider attaching the Changing the Paradigm and FAQs documents.













It’s often not just about convincing your HR team, but then HR is going to have to make this pitch to executives to get approved. We want to arm you, and them, with talking points to help navigate questions that executives may have.

Included are frequently asked questions they may ask. 

**Evanish, J. (2022). Bereavement at Work: How to Help Employees During Tragedy. Lighthouse - Blog About Leadership & Management Advice. bereavement-at-work/

*Cimons, Marlene. "Dealing with Pet Loss: How to Help a Grieving Pet Parent." Www.Washingtonpost.Com, 31 Jan. 2023, 2023/01/31/grief-pets-loss/. Accessed 11 Jun. 2023.

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