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Sign Our PETition To Inspire Pet Bereavement Leave


Thank you for being here. You are here either because you are currently experiencing the grief we are in, care about someone who has lost a pet and are not sure how to best support them, or want to be a part of spreading love and kindness. 


None of the below are meant to be a playbook for how to best handle pain, or a magic pill to take it all away from yourself or whomever you care about. Instead, these are tools to help inspire thinking, considerations, and ways to lean in with love for your friends and family going through this, or if you are going through a hard time; how to ask for help and lean on them.

There are more resources coming and you may even find some areas that need updating on this site, but grief and pain is happening every day. I felt compelled to share what I do have with you now. With all my love, I hope the below is helpful for you. 

Friends in Nature

Family and Friends

These resources are for you. They will help you support your loved one going through the loss of a pet.​​

Why pet loss hurts resource
How to support someone going through pet loss resource
Gift Guide for supporting someone through pet loss

Workplace Support

These resources are for how to proactively inspire employers to include pet bereavement leave into policy and team training on how to support a colleague.

How to get your HR department to include pet bereavement leave
Team training on how to support coworkers surviving pet loss


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Lifelong friendship

Pet Parent Support

Everything you are going through is real pain and real trauma.

There is more coming, but for now I hope to validate how you're feeling.

Pet Owners Resource for knowing this pain is very real
Clinical Dog Examination

Veterinary Clinic Support

We know you have a lot going on and care so deeply.

These are materials are considerations and team training.

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Author smiling with Kingston who inspired this mission

Thirty-four days of intense stress, pain, and loss of my dog Kingston, followed by the sudden battle to fight Edmond's cancer is what it took to shut me down. This experience led me to the purpose of writing a book and creating this website, with the realization and understanding that Pets are Family. Once we accept this truth, the grief, the pain, and the need for time off work all make sense. If others could acknowledge this truth, then our societal norms surrounding loss would apply. I knew I had to write, to raise awareness, and to share the one thing that guides us through grief of this magnitude: love, kindness, and community.

Having the support of the community, my friends, family, and even my workplace, was instrumental in my healing journey. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a social media following, friends, and family who comprehend that our beloved pets are an integral part of our family. Moreover, I am grateful to have my own company, which has policies in place for pet bereavement leave. While I understand that we can't solve all the world's problems or provide the same level of support to everyone, I believe that by raising awareness, I can make an impact.

A sincere thank you to my husband Chris, my kids Kingston, Mishka, Edmond, and Theodore who have shown me the profound depths of love. To Mallory Cash who has consistently held space for my heart. To my family, friends, and extraordinary community on social media whose boundless strength has guided us through the challenges we’ve faced. To Thomas McGuire, Ryan Rausch, Anne Marie White, and my dedicated team for their unwavering support, enabling me to embark on a healing path, prioritize Edmond's cancer treatment, and fulfill my purpose in writing this book.


And to you, here now – Regardless of why you are here, whether to find comfort in your own grieve, to support someone dear to you, or to simply to help spread awareness…to you, I say, I have thought about you at every step of writing this book and creating this website.

I will forever be grateful to Kingston for bestowing upon me a treasure beyond measure. I am forever grateful for the love we shared, for the lessons learned, and for the strength you have instilled within me. Your memory will forever be etched in my heart, and your spirit will continue to guide me as I strive to make a positive impact in the lives of others.


Thank you, Kingston, for the immeasurable gift of love, and for giving me the courage to share that love with the world.

With so much love,


A letter from Erika


Working With the Best Partners

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